About Us

Welcome to Akwaaba..., your one-stop-shop for membership database management solutions. Designed for Organizations, Churches, Schools, Associations, Volunteer groups, Faith-Based Organizations, NGOs and more; Akwaaba... is a cloud based and offline application.

Easy Membership Data Management

Register and assign members to groups and sub-groups with more filtering options to pull records and demographic data in a graphic presentation for analysis etc.

Effective Communication With Members

Akwaaba... comes with integrated messaging applications including Bulk SMS, Voice Call and Webmail service designed to help you connect with your members.

Track Membership Attendance

It has an inbuilt attendance clocking system to track member attendance to meetings with option to view attendees and attendees.


Database Management Solutions


Database Management Solutions

Documentation/Archival Storage

Option to create folders and store files including pictures, videos and documents; which can easily be retrieved and downloaded.

Online/Offline Payment Options

The platform comes with online payment options including Mobile Money which makes it easy for dues paying members and church members to pay in their offerings and donations with ease.

Recruitment Management Application

Sign up for our recruitment management system to create your own application forms with option for applicants. It comes with user dashboard to shortlist applicants, option to filter data by gender, region, district, constituency, disability etc; option to download the data by pdf or excel. It also comes with SMS and Voice Call integration to send SMS or Voice Calls to applicants and more.

E-Voting System

Our online voting platform makes it seamless for members to elect their leaders or vote on an issue to take a democratic decision.

So if you are looking for a database management system that guarantees virtually all you need at an unbelievable subscription fee then look no further, Sign Up Now on AKWAABA SERVICES; and get a free demo.